DiNapoli audit: New York needs to improve protections for vulnerable adults

Nick Reisman

New York State of Politics

Nov 17, 2021

New York state needs to do a better job of overseeing adult protective service providers who are responsible for the protection of vulnerable adults, an audit released Wednesday by Comptroller Tom DiNapoli's office found.

The report raises concerns with how cases are handled to ensure service providers are being properly overseen.

“Every month thousands of vulnerable adults are referred to the state for help because they are being abused or unable to care for themselves,” DiNapoli said. “New Yorkers need assurance that the providers hired to help these men and women are doing just that. The agency responsible for protecting them must do a better job.”

The audit found the Office of Children and Family Services in some instances did not ensure providers are doing enough to protect adults considered to be at risk. A sample of 20 reviews of service providers found 13 did not have the number of open referrals being assessed and 10 did not list how many referrals were withdrawn at intake.

The agency each month receives an average of 2,500 referrals for help in New York City and 1,800 in the rest of the state. Referrals can come from anyone, including a family member, neighbor or member of the community.