Our view: New Yorkers are still getting shortchanged by Washington

The Citizen Editorial Board

The Auburn Citizen

Oct 24, 2018

New York continues to subsidize other states — and the trend needs to be addressed.

The state Comptroller's Office recently reported that the state sent $24 billion more to the U.S. government in the 2017 fiscal year than it got back in the form of federal aid, meaning that New York tax dollars are leaving the state never to be seen again.

New York's tax payments last year totaled about $250 billion, and the feds spent about $226 billion here on federal programs, making the state just one of 11 to send more than it receives. The number is better than 2016, when New York got shortchanged by about $40 billion.

A big chunk of the money New York gets from Washington pays for Social Security and Medicare, but billions of dollars in grants are also on the line every year — and New York needs every grant dollar it can get.

Aging infrastructure is a big problem in New York — and the White House has said building up the country's infrastructure is a national priority — so our representatives in Washington need to make a concerted effort to make sure New York gets its fair share, rather than having its tax dollars used to build roads and bridges in other parts of the country.